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Your Area delegate and alternate delegate are available by email using the addresses listed under "Contact Us". Your trusted servants are always glad to hear from you. Please remember they have heavy workloads - when possible, refer to your GSR and/or DCM first.

They are available and willing to speak or serve districts in any way, particularly workshops on:

-Conference Workshops
-General Service Structure


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Hello to all in Area 91 and to other visitors to our website.


I am quickly coming to the end of my first year of serving you as your Delegate and What a Year it has been !  I was told by many past delegates that I was going to embark on an experience of a lifetime and they were so right.  In fact, it has been even more than I could have imagined.


This past year has been one of many experiences which included my trip to the General Service Conference in New York, and then visiting our Area 91 Districts to report on my experiences.  In addition I have had the opportunity to visit other Areas and groups and have gained a whole new idea of the size and scope of our great fellowship.  I am looking so forward to the coming year of my 2-year term with excitement and enthusiasm and visiting with you all again throughout the year.


I wish to take this opportunity to express my most humble and grateful thanks for the great support you have shown me and I wish you All the Very Best at Christmas and for a healthy, happy and sober 2018!!


I am truly blessed !


In Love & Service

Ed S.

Delegate Area 91 Panel 67

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